How will you remove your makeup with the help of MellowLash makeup remover?



Eye makeup removal is one of the vital processes at present because some ingredients will include some allergies to sensitive eyes. Before going to bed, you can remove the makeup and lashes from your eyes. So you can remove the eye makeup with the help of the MellowLash self-adhesive eyeliner remover pads and wipes.


Eye makeup remover pads:


The contour of the eye is the most sensitive part of the face. And it must be protected and hydrated to avoid irritation. An eye makeup remover pads is used to moisten with lotion to remove makeup around the eyes. It removes all makeup effectively without irritating eyes and skin for "normal" or waterproof makeup.


How to use:

You can press the saturated eye makeup remover gently over the eyelids and lashes hold for a few seconds. It can remove makeup in one swipe without rubbing. If necessary, fold the sheet in two. You can gently clean makeup from the under eyelashes and the eyes.

Caution: Use a fresh pad for each eye and discard after use.


Self-adhesive eyeliner remover:


Easy to carry & use: The self-adhesive eyeliner remover pads are small and light. It is an excellent alternative to using this other makeup remover to replace bulk disposable wipes and heavy cleansing water. It is saving and protecting the environment.


Spherical shape: This facial cleansing puff uses a round design that is neat and has a hanging loop for drying after washing. 


Easy to use: It is Ultra-fine and soft microfiber with reinforced seams. So you can wash and reuse. You can wash it 100 times to be perfect.


White foundation pads for light makeup such as sunscreen, sun block and BB cream. The brown makeup remover pads easily remove your daily makeup, including waterproof mascara. The black palette is perfect for heavy makeup like Smokey makeup.


Super-Thick Pads: It is a double-sided microfiber handkerchief, thick and durable; add water or oil to remove makeup on your face anytime, anywhere.


Waterproof eye makeup remover pads:


You can get the best waterproof eye makeup removers pads from the MellowLash site. You can also get different types of waterproof pads.


Face wipes: MellowLash waterproof eye makeup remover pads are used to cleanse and refresh eye makeup gently, and dermatologists and ophthalmologists can test them.


It is made from recycled cotton. These waterproof eye makeup remover pads are made with at least 60% recycled cotton, the waste product of t-shirt manufacturing.


Makeup remover pads: These pads are designed to cleanse and tone your skin gently. It is ready to remove oil, dirt that clogs pores and makeup, and it can be leaving only the fresh scent of coconut water and lotus water.


Locks in moisture: These no-rinse disposable micellar pads come in a convenient sealed pack to keep towels hydrated and fresh.


One step remover: It is 3 in 1 eye makeup remover pad that is clean naturally. It is used to remove makeup, add water and nourish the skin with 99.5% natural ingredients in one step.